History and FactsEdit

Strother Archery was co-found by Kevin Strother who formerly designed for Bowtech and Elite. Strother showed up in 2010 with some impressive bows. Kevin's designs have been used by many archers over the years and with Strother it isn't any different.

The Strother logo.

Technologies and AchievementsEdit

Strother hasn't been around very long but has some great designs and innovations into archery. 

Eccentric Systems: The cam systems offered on Strother bows are the Hyper-S cam system, Modular Hybrid cam and the Viking cam. These systems are smooth yet aggressive cams that produce speeds over 340 fps. 

Limbs: Strother uses their Precision Limb technology. Coated with a material that makes them strong, they are reportedly a very durable limb. 

Risers: The risers on these rigs are constructed of a one piece aluminum riser. The riser designs of these bows are sleek, smooth and have several cutouts to minimize mass weight. 

Popularity and Customer FeedbackEdit

As with Bowtech and Elite, Kevin Strother's designs have been very popular. He has a steady following and with his innovative designs and quality products, that shouldn't change anytime soon. 

Product RangeEdit

Women Bows: In this line up of bows they offer the Allure. It is a compact bow with great performance that has components like pinks strings, cables and grip that will appeal to the lady archer. 

3D/Hunting bows: Strother offers several hunting/3D rigs that offer great performance with shootability as well. These bows include the SX-1, SR-71, Infinity, Vanquish, Inspire and Valor. With this line up there should be a bow to fit almost anyone. 


In conclusion even though Strother is a new name in archery, the people behind the brand are not. The designers of these bows have made some of the most popular designs in archery over the last several years. They have applied that expertise and knowledge into this new brand and reportedly the people who own Strother bows are very happy with them.