The Hoyt logo.

Facts and HistoryEdit

Hoyt Archery was founded in 1942 by Earl Hoyt, Jr. In a short period of time the company gained a lot of popularity in the industry. It continues to be one of the best compound bow manufacturers in the world ever since.

More about HoytEdit

Currently the company is located in the Salt Lake City in the US. Hoyt normally tends to be a conservative compound bow manufacturer coming up with tried and true designs and changing proven platforms incrementally. 

Admittedly, Hoyt Archery is one of the most innovative compound bow designers in the world. It is a well know fact that when it comes to novelties and innovations Hoyt are one the best archery companies out there. Their contribution to the archery industry is enormous and can not be overestimated. 

Hoyt is definitely on of the leading companies in the archery/hunting industry - the equipment made by this company is very popular among many archers and hunters. Interestingly, a lot of Olympic medalists use Hoyt compound bows proving this brand is very good.